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About academy

The Academy of Applied Technical Studies is the institution of tertiary education, founded in September 2019 by the Government of The Republic of Serbia. It was formed by integration of four Higher Education Institutions: College of Professional Studies – Belgrade Polytechnic, College of Professional Engineering Studies ‘’Tehnikum Taurunum’’, College of Professional Technical Studies ‘’Novi Beograd’’ and College of Professional Technical Studies Požarevac. All these HEIs had a long tradition in Higher Education and they successfully passed three cycles of accreditations (in 2007, 2012 and 2017), in accordance with the Law on Higher Education in Serbia.

The Academy is organised in four Units (former HEIs) – Section of Belgrade Polytechnic, Section of Computer and Mechanical Engineering, Section of Traffic, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering, and Section of Applied Engineering Sciences Požarevac. The three Units of the Academy are located in Belgrade and the Section of Applied Engineering Sciences is located in Požarevac.

Our mission is to provide high-quality education by putting the needs of students in the center of our work. As an institution with significant social role, the Academy focuses on the social partner demands as an essence of its action.

We are dedicated to the creation, transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills, emphasizing knowledge as a fundamental value that permeates all our activities – higher education, research and development and cooperation with the society.

Bonded to long-standing tradition, the main characteristic of Academy’s Units is excellence in the education of experts in specific, applied fields, that is recognized by graduate students, leaders in the professional world. In the educational area, the outcome of our work is highly qualified staff with focused knowledge and skills that qualifies them for direct involvement in work process.

Emphasizing commitment to quality of education as our fundamental goal, we constantly evaluate our results in relation to the degree of students and partners satisfaction.

Our vision is ‘’Connecting internationally via education that will be able to respond to rapid and profound changes induced by the technological revolution and social demands’’.