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Language policy

Language policy for outgoing mobile participants

In order to provide high quality of mobility of students and staff, the Academy ensures that all mobility participants have required level of language of instruction. The applicants not having the required level of foreign language proficiency are referred to attend foreign language courses. The Academy provides the English language courses by the undergraduate programme, during two semesters, and they are offered to all students. The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) platform includes online language courses that are accessible for students chosen for the mobility programme. In addition to OLS, the Academy organizes other languages courses from the external funds to help outgoing students to improve their language of mobility or take a course in the local language of their destination country.

The outgoing students are also well informed about the Erasmus Intensive Language Courses which they are able to attend in the foreign country in order to improve their language skills.

Language support for incoming mobile participants

The incoming participants are referred to individual courses of Serbian language which are designed to cover both communication skills and specialized vocabulary in accordance to the profile of our institution. After the successful completion of the course a certificate of attendance is issued. The International Office at the Academy is ready to help the incoming students and staff to understand and use common everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Since consultative classes and communication with lecturers for foreign students are in English, it is advised that they have necessary level of linguistic proficiency.